Stop fighting like cats and dogs

12 June 2021

“Stop fighting like cats and dogs,” was a phrase frequently said in my household back in the 80s. There were three of us - my brother, my sister and I... Read more

Why do the agencies in Devon allow a culture of bullying?

8 March 2021

I am not exactly known for my tact. I have an opinion and I voice it. I am happy for that opinion to be debated – and I think this... Read more

When do you stop being responsible and accountable

17 November 2020

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have had an incredibly eye-opening experience. I lived in my COVID bubble for too long and forgot how the Health and... Read more

Who Are My Family

4 November 2020

My definition of family has always been about the people around you, who you can rely on. The ones who are always there, the ones who don’t judge you, and... Read more

Hats off to Public Health Wales!

26 May 2020

Ever since the announcement in Wales that all care homes will be tested on 15th May, our Welsh teams have been hard at work organising this mammoth task! We have... Read more

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Massively Underprepared

15 May 2020

Massively unprepared – or were we? Today I have listened to three stories directly from Providers of numerous deaths, in quick succession, once the dreaded COVID-19 was through their front... Read more

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Care Home or Jail

14 May 2020

Staying Connected During Covid-19 During 2019 Evolve Care Academy year long course was entitled Connections. As a result we set up a website – – and published magazines to... Read more

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